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I’m a freelance illustrator living in Italy. I graduated from Nemo Academy of Digital Arts, where I studied illustration and character design.

Since 2018, I’ve been collaborating with numerous publishers worldwide, adding my splash of color and humor to picture books.

For me, illustration is more than just a career; it’s a way to get loose and connect with my inner kid. I’m all about making childhood as wild and fun as possible through my art.

With over 10 years of experience in drawing, I’m excited to jump into your book or game project and infuse it with some extra sparkle!

Let’s get in touch:

Il Bestiario fantastico di Vicino Orsini – Bardi Edizioni – 2024, Italy
The Wise Rat – Storytime Magazine – 2023, UK
I Am Musical: Adventures of Waffles – Wisdom House Books – 2023, USA
The Goldfish wish – Crabtree Publishing – 2022, USA
Cows in the House – Crabtree Publishing – 2022, USA
Scholastic – Aptara – 2021, USA
Rizzoli Education – Sorridoimparo – 2021, Italy
Il corsaro nero – Saremo Alberi – 2020, Italy
Counting with grandma – DMind & The Prince – 2020, Hong Kong
Il mago delle tabelline – Gribaudo Quid+ – 2019, Italy
Where is Hani – Oxford University Press – 2019, UK
Agostino e l’incantesimo dell’oro – Bardi Edizioni – 2019, Italy
C’ero prima io – Le tartarughe marine – 2018, Italy
La casa delle streghe – Lisciani Giochi – 2018, Italy